Video Games Superlatives – Funniest Ever Edition

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Whether through a vulgar joke or an ingenious play on words, a good laugh makes us forget about our problems for a moment, and the video games that we present here to you are among the best for this.

No More Heroes.

Hyper-violent themes guided mainly by the interaction and dialogue of their peculiar characters. No More Heroes was not the first game of this developer, but it is certainly one of the most popular, and for good reasons. Travis Touchdown, protagonist of the game, is an otaku who buys a laser katana on the Internet.

He is immersed in a sadistic contest where to advance you have to kill those who rank above you. Your goal? Sleeping with a girl. Travis is impulsive, vulgar, immature and not at all a role model. That is why it is so funny to see him face such demented rivals that makes him look like a functional member of society. Travis is not afraid to say what he thinks.


Undertale uses its jokes to inject humor into the adventure and maintain a light tone, but without interfering with the emotional moments of the game. Undertale will keep you smiling without closing the door to other feelings.

Thus, we could say that the humor is a little more subtle, not in the sense that the jokes are hidden, but the game knows when to use them and when it is best to save them for later. That said, the game’s humor is extremely charismatic and helps you enjoy every moment of your adventure in this world of monsters.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Certainly Conker’s Bad Fur Day is not a conventional Rare game. Yes, the game is colorful with sticky music like the company’s previous games, but while we do not remember Kazooie smoking or Donkey Kong drinking alcohol, Conker did this and more. The adventures of the squirrel are full of violence, raw humor and references to popular culture that have aged surprisingly well.

The humor of the game may be vulgar, but it does not border on the stupid. That is, a fight against a huge mountain of poop or a war against teddy bears does sound stupid on paper, but you should really believe us that in practice it works, considering how colorful and cheerful those titles are.

Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4 is a parody of the exaggerated American patriotism and how violent it can be, although at times more than a satire it feels like a love letter to these elements, with references to Armageddon or Independence Day. As additional information, we recommend that you choose a female protagonist and enjoy the voice of the talented Laura Bailey.

We must admit that like many things humor is subjective, nevertheless these games have excellent qualities in playability and story, so their humor justs make them closer to perfection.

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