4 More Animated Movie Characters that Will Never Be Forgotten

Today, we bring you another small listof the funniest animated characters that everyone loves because of their great personality. This time we will focus on others, some of them from different franchises like Nickelodeon and Disney.


Remy, is a very intelligent rat, at the same time really kind, with many dreams and hopes. He is very dreamer and does not let anyone take away the hopes, by proving himself that he is an incredibly brave animal. Remy is not able to leave anyone behind or betray them, as seen with Linguini, he is very faithful and would do anything for people he likes.


Lumière is a bit charismatic, incredibly social and hospitable to everyone he meets. He has the habit of disobeying the firm rules of his antisocial teacher, which often results in controversy. However, after Belle, he is arguably the closest friend of the beast, because this one often turns to Lumière for advice.


Skipper, is the respected commander of Kowalski, Rico and Private. He acts as a war veteran which may be some kind of post-traumatic stress disorder, telling complicated and intriguing stories about past events. He often proves to be very paranoid, even the other penguins consider him exaggerated at times.


Woody, is a loyal toy that has been Andy’s favorite since daycare. He is determined, passionate, and really cares about his closest and dearest friends, since he considers each of the toys as a family and would do anything to keep his family together at all times. However, he is a defective character, he has many doubts, anger, frustration, uncertainty and sadness, almost like a human being.

We all have seen these animated characters we are quite fond of, the movies would not be the same without them. For that reason, some of these movies will have their continuation, and even others could have their adaptation in real life.

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