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Five Video Games Worthy of Their Own TV Show

There are usually discussions about people who prefer TV series or video games, but why are there no adapted series of video games? This can be real and that is why today wegive a small list about video games that would have a great adaptation on TV

Red Dead Redemption

No one knows the possibilities of this great game having a television adaptation. But it would be a great idea to make one, The Red Dead games franchise is from 1880 to 1911, the protagonists of these games are strong, because with their skills of bounty hunters get revenge and avoid all the problems of the law. The plot of this game is about to expand and will be based on the former bandit.


Many people would like these Elder Scrolls games franchise to have an adaptation on TV, the important thing is that it would have many visualizations since they are very famous around the world. Skyrim is a worthwhile fantasy game, like all other fantasy games, this one offers a variety of options in terms of character, style or gender of the character and inclement combat style.


The last news that were heard about Myst as a television show were a few years ago, the TV show could be a great adaptation of a wonderful game, since it has amazing stories that will leave you open-mouthed because of all the things you can do. Myst had an expansion of characters, with which you can interact with and there are many things to do for working.

Secret of Evermore

Classic fantasy games are the best ones, if you like them then you should know Square’s Secret of Evermore. This game was made in North America exactly, it became known in the 90s and was praised because of its impressive graphics that draw the attention of any player, but according to some magazines, it was not up to games like Final Fantasy, which was released the same year.

Secret of Evermore has its history in a little town in the United States in 1960-1970, where a teenager and his small dog, end up in an abandoned laboratory, this place sends them to a great adventure which they never thought they could have, a trip through time-space. The two of them, travel to many amazing places in the world and some of the best, on different times. It is fantastic.

Dragon Age

The Dragon Age franchise, always gives us central characters who are our allies and most people love them, it is very famous because you can make changes in the relationships between characters, which can be developed in any way, they can have a normal dialogue, or even a romance. This game franchise has many downloads, for this reason it would be a great TV adaptation that everyone would like.

News about any of these games are not confirmed yet, but we cannot lose hope, so it is important that you take the time to play them, since you will love them.

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