3 Awesome Android Games of 2019

Smartphones now have more RAM, now people can download games that take up a lot of space without worrying if their phones get slow, so we bring you a list of the best games that are trending in 2019, that we recommend and consider are worth to download and give them a go.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players will try to learn spells, explore the world of Muggles, their neighborhoods and cities in order to discover and fight against legendary beasts. In addition, they can team up with other people to defeat the most powerful enemies. It is obvious that Niantic is behind this game because in certain aspects it has the feel of their famous game Pokémon GO. Check out slots and games too!


Holedown is a game that is trending on all smartphones. For this reason, it is considered one of the most popular puzzle games of 2018/2019 because it has an easy concept that allows the person to play it without much hand-holding, making it easy for players to adapt to the game from the start without any tutorial.

Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is a very addictive game, and you will not want to stop playing it. Obviously, it is a sequel of Evoland with better graphics and an excellent UI, and a nice difficulty curve as you advance. Evoland 2 has a longer story than its predecessor, needing over 10 hours to complete it. This game will make you frustrated but give you lots of fun at the same time, and you will find yourself spending hours in it, definitely worth buying.

Now that you know of these addictive games, download them and play them with your friends, some of them are still being developed and some are already here, but they certainly are recommended for 2019.

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