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We are currently working on finishing up the mastering for our 4th studio album, “The Cult of Fuck Yeah” which will be available through amazon, iTunes and through a very limited run through our webstore at http://pitboss2000.bigcartel.com


The Official Video for The Cult of Fuck Yeah is below. It was recorded at Bourbon Street in Columbus OH in Aug 2015 and filmed by Sarah Clark, John Tole and Dustin Hysell. It was directed, produced and edited by John Tole.





Metal Mike – Guitars

Mr. X – Guitars, bass, Vocals

Professor X-13 – Bass, Vocals

XLAX – The Drums That Make Em Shit





We broke it on 11
What other choice is there?
It’s ours and we made it and we ride into forever
because time is an illusion that scares you into action
or slows you down if you are the very rails that you are off of.
It’s never too late to switch, simple decisions, change the air you have left.
Disrupt the Program
Burn it all down
Its always been a theater when we crack the code of WE its the freest ride
with the ultimate price.
To live up now, we escape or be trapped in the lies of this dimension
of space.
A simple shift isn’t always that but if you wanna come with us
be with care for what you pray
If you want the sea to trash you
if you wanna be a witness to mass destruction
abandon your ship and climb aboard
cause we’re outta here and we’re never coming back.
I’m 5 grams in with 14 to play
13 years til I leave this place
This whole life is 1 choice away
and we’re  gonna fucking rule this space
We hit the gate
we’re 4 beers in
Lost in Paradise
Before 8 AM
2 birdies and 6 half shots
Dude its just a half shot
it’s not even a real shot
Foot wedge, Noonan, Be The Ball
Mulligans, Winter Rules For All
Avoid the traps
Keep your head down
Stay Relaxed
I tee off instead of being teed off
I’m all shroomed up
I’m in the zone
The Biggest Big Bertha’s
Cranking and Spanking
I’m gonna bring this trophy home
The gate opens up and shuts at our back
They’re only gonna catch us if I’m not laughing
If we were the same age we’d be dead
Living it up cause getting old sucks
I signed the waiver wanded and detected
laughing to myself this time no rejections
got a piece of space cake
and great ideas
in line for an hour
burping up trunk beers
Tourists are all buzzing
about their Hollywood Nights
I know one thing is for sure
I’m high as balls at The Price is Right
They better play Plinko
or I’ll lose my shit
like when I met Wayne Brady
as a Penguin tabbed on acid
Some were yelling 4 hundred
some were yelling 5
some were betting one dollar
just to feel alive
Drew is crushing the ladies
This is game show heaven
The only thing I was yelling
was Investigate Tower 7
Finding the light as it crashes through itself
working as its own director
uncovering layer upon layer
to laugh beyond its why
Now what?
More of the same, in my driven moments
dreams arise out of the ashes of failure
I’d burn it all down with twice the fury
laughing louder than the inferno
Time is a thief
that rode into town
on the lie crusted throne of the moon
The watchers float in silence
living in darkness
the tides are shifting
evolution perfected
Its gain its power
deceiving the mass of celebrants
no wounds were healed
in the making of this production
Your tinfoil hat was made in China
Global Conspiracy? You sound like a whiner
Hiding in your bunker, choking on a C Rat
Your guns only blaze at the range with black targets
American flag soaked in pride
Made by Chinese kids so go run and hide
They’re coming right for you from the west and the east
how can you survive if you cant run 10 feet
Stuck in your bunker
while your wife gets fatter
how will you know its safe
if you cant get up the ladder
It’s all made up and you swallowed the lie
now turn off your cable and go outside
No ones coming to get you
turn off your cable and go outside
No ones coming to get you
boogie men created corporate fiction
No ones coming to get you
They call it programming for a reason
2 card Monte
This country is a fable
You’ll always lose the con
unless you leave the table
2 card Monte
This country is a fable
You’ll always lose the con
unless you own the table
Ghosts, drugs and GOD and I’m all in
Demons and Portals in the late AM
West of the Rockies Alien Line
East of the Rockies and We’re doing just fine
The Darkness of the desert lights up the night
The Son sets over Venice
Open Up Your Heart Its anarchy for the brain
This drive is never ending
Fuck the cops
Bench Mosh
Seawitch 2015
You will fear the seawitch
7 seas our domain
beat you with our pegleg
and make you walk the plank
clam rolls suck X3
Bearded clam rolls
You’re time is coming don’t be a bitch
You will fear the Sea Witch
Clam Roll’s Revenge
Nobody bought you
you were discontinued
we got dope ass haddock on our brand new menu
talk all the shit that you want
This party started when you were drowned
Clam Roll’s Rule X3
This is the Clam Roll’s Revenge
Never mind the elevator
or the child abuse
lets just talk
how the balls are juiced
never mind the truth
we got replay
no good angles
the fix is in
Bush and Clinton
No different Shit
Same Con Artists
Different Game
NFL Power
This is shitty
What are we watching?
Fucked by committee
Weed induced Conspiracy Rant
Bread and Circus
Horse and sparrow
we get crapped out
in a trickle down tomorrow
Experience over object
object to the puke
Experience over object
Media Sells The Guns
That Make The Stories That
Sell More Guns
Brought To You By The Company(USA)
That Loaned Those Guns For
In the shadow of SMU
Behind the bars cast for suburban terror
The trap was set for this timeless bomb
A publicly hidden displayI was warned of this presence
A relic blessed with no trepidation
I pray this comes in handy when we need itA power beyond rattled its cage
Knocking the crown off its throne
No ones home we’re beyond death
The force of the lost cause too much for the cause of the lost

Limping into the darkness
Staring into the trembling abyss
Both hands with a grasp on the switch
This realm of fire is not for us

They’ve returned 7 fold
You can’t climb high enough
Why would you re open that door
Now they’re all waiting

You won’t walk away from this next one
You’ll be carried.

It all started in 76
were smashing wiffles down at Hampton Beach
The grill is full of all of the meat
and I’m finishing every can in reach
Life of the party were all wound up
Were all laughing cause there is raging in our blood.
Centuries of genetic mutation
most of us too much too soon
booze, death, regret, times up
Get in line, do it again
Life of the party were all wound up
Were all laughing cause there is raging in our blood
Were all laughing cause there is trashing in our blood
This is Nothing
This is It.
This is all there is.
1s and 0s molecules and code
infinite space beyond the fold
if you had the answer you’d still be here
so smile and dial and ditch the fear
Sucker born a minute
in the meat grinder at the magnet store
this returning soldier is
sponsored by Budweiser
Thousands in boxes
brought to you by the box company(USA)
they sponsor both sides
they’ll gladly package your death’s fantasy
Uniform to Body Bag
This is the path
Forget about the terrorists
Your brain they’ve always had
your Dad got off a murderer
your sex tape had a re shoot
your tv show is for morons
your app for breathers
you’ don’t have a kingdom
you’ll never be a Highness
I hope Bruce itches
from male pattern dryness