John Tole Electronic Press Kit

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Video 1 Westside Comedy Theater, Los Angeles

Video 2 Sure Thing Austin – 6 mins

Video 3 Sure Thing Austin – 10 mins

Video 4 Sure Thing Austin – 33 mins

Video 3 Cap City Comedy Austin

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John Tole
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B0asting razor-sharp wit and enough stage presence to make the ghost of
Ronnie James Dio throw up the devil horns from beyond the grave,
John Tole is a comedic force of nature. – AMP Magazine

With content ranging from intense sexual encounters to the horrible truth about life, John Tole cranks those topics up to eleven. Add a great stage presence and you have a great comic that you would be missing out on if you didn’t catch live. – Study Breaks

You look terrifying but then we actually find out you’re a decent human being with a kind soul. – Fan

Clubs: Cap City Comedy Club Austin, The Comic Strip El Paso, Chilkoot Charlie’s Anchorage, Comedy Works Montreal, The Comedy Connection Providence, Nick’s Comedy Stop Boston, The Joke Joint Minneapolis, House of Comedy, Hyenas Comedy Club Fort Worth and Dallas, Addison Improv, Arlington Improv, The Velveeta Room Austin, The Loony Bin OKC, Tulsa, Little Rock and Wichita, The Ice House Pasadena, The Joke Joint Comedy Showcase Houston, and countless rock venues, theaters and alt spaces from years of touring.

John Tole is a stand up comedian, voice actor, writer, podcaster, life coach, psychonaut and if the money is right a specialist in all things tin foil hat.  This Los Angeles based comic weaves tales of self discovery, positive life choices, and seeing the silver lining in every life experience.   Audiences love this take no prisoners style and while he may tip toe to the line of edgy he consistently finds the pocket and keeps the audience not only laughing but on the edge of their seat.  Tole is your best friend entertaining your relatives in your backyard during a cook out and he takes that same energy and attention and gives each show and audience a one of a kind feel.

John was a stand out in the SOLD OUT Ronnie Mund Block Party Tour(Howard Stern Show) and continues to reign in laughs. John appears on the “Behind The Scenes” show on Howard TV and has written and contributed to The Howard Stern Radio show, The Miserable Men Show, KLBJ(Austin) and 104.1 ESPN Radio(Austin) and can be heard on Howard 100, Howard 101, Sirius Raw Dog Channel 104, and 24/7 Comedy Radio and nationally doing a host of characters on various stations.

Tole has also appeared at the 2014 Limestone Comedy Festival, 2014 SXSW Interactive 20×2 Showcase, The 2013 Hell Yes Festival and the 2013 Fun Fun Fun Festival, the 2013 and 2012 Moontower Comedy Festivals and the second stage of the Oddball Comedy Tour in 2013.

John has appeared on The Deathsquad Ice House Chronicle’s on the Podcast network the home of The Joe Rogan Experience and was a guest on Sam Tripoli’s Naughty Show(Playboy Radio) and is the co-creator, producer and host of all of the shows available on the 4256 Productions Presents! Podcast Network.

John Tole released Never A Victim of Circumstance 2015, Live in Austin 2015, Reign in Laughs 2013 and Fat Heaven 2011.

Interview from AMP Magazine

Review from Houston Appearance.

CD Reviews for Reign In Laughs

JONE TOLE/Reign in Laughs: Howard Stern fans need no introduction to this punk rock influenced comic but to all outside the satellite realm be warned, this tattooed bad ass is so committedly pomo he looks nothing like the Harvey Kurtzman/Wally Wood nerd nightmare illustrated on the album cover, but he needed something that nutty on the cover. Angry, pissed off and hell bent for leather, Tole is a no holds barred laugh riot who has no sacred cows and is at his best when he’s barbequing them on a spit, Texas style. The puritanically inclined should be warned that this album has no parental advisory sticker but could use one–even though we believe laughs should not be censored. With August coming to an end, we award Tole our laugh riot of the month designation for his fearlessness and unabashedly kicking contemporary angst squarely in the balls. There’s a lot of comedians we love out there but Tole has got us laughing harder than we have in a long time. If you aren’t afraid of laughing on the edge, check this out! A winner throughout.

Volume 37/Number 296
August 24 , 2013

Show Review

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