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Timing is Everything

I wrote this not in the same stream so reading it in pieces or in other orders. I decided the editing is best left to my trusted readers who follow the breath as enthusiasm itself.

Christ Has Risen!

The 5:40 Club.

I’m interested in the phenomenon of considering yourself at War while demanding truth and transparancy from Warriors in the fight where deception is only a frame of mind.

You can have Peace and Truth or War and Lies. Do you want to win? Save your life? Save the Day? Create Peace? Eternal revenge? Enough band names. Life and Death, would you decieve to survive?

Ok no more band names.

Nobody cares what Switzerland or the future Switzerland known as Unified Korea has to say.

Tactics have to be constructed with growth in mind. To have any structure of scarcity or Fear’s shoddy handiwork and then from there, what? Attack? Defend?

Are you really in a war?

Who’s War? Who’s rules?

There is a stream of opportunity available to live and view this Country as the backdrop for Battleship Troopers level storytelling.

I can’t be the only one seeing this right?

Is your day incongruent to the Birds going about their day?

Is more singing the answer?

Where do you find joy in the illusion of War?

Imagine a timeline of creatives seemingly living in an online horror movie. By choice?

You can watch it after you sit through the inflight safety video.

Why are we able to fly commercially or own phones and computers if we are under an unrelenting diabolical world ending attack?


Universal Halloween Horror Nights Orlando this Year!

Prophecy through Faith

I have this timeline in my head enough. It seems to make sense based on the pitch of the Resistance. It also is just a creative possibility but based on what we need here to pull off the strengthening of our Country’s collective heart , this is all about the Family. We need Leaders at every focus of opportunity who can elevate and teach people to really dream beyond their ability to know God’s ability to dream until they are so awashed in astonishment they sit in thanks and bring up food for the World.

God Bless

This is what I am continually seeing in the near and long term.

Huge silent red wave of alpha youth. Sweep Mids, Expand SCOTUS, Legalize weed.

Flip privatized facilities  from drugs to crimes against the state and Corporate Rights Fraud.

Centralized money, healthcare, AI run Leadership.

Compassionate framework and the legal muscle to usher in the Limitless VR Economies in trade for UBI and saving the Planet through physically limited resource use.

There will legal battles over the Corporate and Human status of clones and various automatons.

What will constitute being granted the rights of humanhood?

There will come a time when human carbon will be taxed and factored into your purchasing of AI realities and conciousness expansion packs to operate 2 people and infinitely beyond. Some restrictions apply.

This is moving faster than most can comprehend. Its time to add on Human Utility to preserve longevity. We will live to see a world where central control will know the cost of maintaining the status of your end date and offering you more resources in trade for less time.

Will you click yes?

Keep Throwing!

Are we at War?

Are we in a war?

One side says we are under attack. In the same breath untrusting of their leader of the “war”, “battle” “skirmish” “tussle” “fuss” “fight” and variations of leader, the lead, leaded, unleaded, liters, trust, faith, everything and nothing. Not even a general concesus of language is possible. We believe most have equal capabilities in thought or language. Patently as false.

This same side from this standpoint have not collectively grasped the concept that in a Post Truth World, driven by the winds of opinion whether truth is a sphere or being cast as a 2d image with 4 sides, a 4D Reality or cast as a six sided cube. Imagine the amount and complexity and patience to come to this point where you are hoping I make a joke.

Knock Knock
What’s There?
You’re supposed to say who?
Says who?

New paradigm
Knock Knock
What’s there?
Everything you hate
Whats everything I see as Hate.
Knock Knock
What’s there?
Opportunity what?
Opportunity who You Nerd
Open the Door.

This is possibly our First Post Truth World War, I’m sure the writer’s of the Victor’s History will hand down a Treatise on why this is the last one like they did every other time.

Anyways, this new same side of the divided demand to be given the truth so they can demand their defense or offense in this war fought by Warriors to which they are not. They demans their offense and defense be completely transparent which gives their enemies and allies a real time look into strategy.

If you believe we are in a war then you must know that deception both known and unknown is always a part of the path to victory. Especially with all data collection known and unknown, public and private.


You’re not in a war and everything is now needing to be reframed in the movie of your most Prayerful and Fearful Opinions of this reality. A reality maybe that you don’t have the intellectual, physical or spiritual capability to grasp the concept of nothing. How can you while you choose to be bombarded by choice.

An empty space as nothing contains as much information as everything in a mathmatical sense.

We trust in math until we don’t but that doesn’t seem to make sense because the next maths and all their answers at a such a deep point in the Lake we may not have enough of a lifespan to fish those depths.

War or Not.

We have AI that are doing it both public and private running 24/7 and using the results to create and advance economically stable and unstable agendas based on the bias of their coders.

In as much as the population can remain unfocused, their collective removal of singular focus on Fear and all its surface trappings.

Now trapped in self created surface fear, fighting for calm water to tread in .

Hard to stand under trust when you’re fighting for air so why not work on it now with Maximum Focus?

Currently worldwide poor folks churning and treading opinion upon opinion. Starving. No answers to the treading problem. Just arguing water temperature and who sees cooler shit in the clouds and fighting the waves as well as the wind. Fighting for piece.


Plum the depths of your connection to creativity itself and bring something back. An idea, plan that actually brings everyone out of poverty and a fear driven scarce war subconcious bias that keeps us dreaming of Likes.

But maybe the glasses you were handed out only see destruction in a golden age of construction.

Who gave you these glasses? Did you make them or join them? Who chose the tint? It is dark, and mysterious at the depths and Wonder awaits you.

What are you building today?

Why aren’t you building today?

Building up your Heart and Gut to discern the Holy Spirit as you are guided on the way?

Give your ears 3 days off and put your Heart into every voice and Give.



The Power of 1 Through 4

“!” – Dee Dee Ramone

Well, well, well, here we are again so let’s cut the S!.  The truth is that your life is the only DIY project there is. It’s you. It’s the 100% perfect sphere of your soul having the experience of your desire’s ability to make the best decision for you.

It’s a veil of perception and through your acceptance of your current view will allow you to monitor, experiment and debut the change of your doing. Or Undoing.

Maybe it was never about you at all? How would this change your day to day flow? The best part of this DIY project is you get to choose the perspective of your work, the level of involvement and the satisfaction of your effort.

If my mere mention of the word soul has raised your hackles, or you’ve pre categorized this as nonsense using your filter of judgment,well then now we are getting into that infinite space between acceptance and judgment. It’s the same infinite space that sits upon the razor’s edge of possibility. And what happens once you’re there? I don’t know. For me it’s easy. I would breathe, enjoy the view, continue my unceasing thanks for the abundance in my life, and keep creating my art.

What I’ve learned so far is that everything I know is what I need to know, and that more will be revealed as I am ready to accept it. So, here we are sitting on the precipice of choice.  Depending on your choice of perspective it can be an eternal chasm or an uncrossable ocean.  It’s an insignificant crack in a road you’re driving on at a speed so blazing that  the truth within the crack isn’t even part of your awareness. It’s a choice of embracing the infinite abundance that surrounds us, or fighting tooth and nail against a world we perceive to strip us of what we told each is important in our lives. It’s feast and famine. It’s push and pull. It’s darkness and light and in the end both need each other to exist. I learned that everything I resist is ultimately an inner truth I’m not yet ready to accept because it’s damaging to the illusion of my ego.

Every single moment of your life, every emotion, every decision, every success and every failure brought you to the end of this sentence.  Look around. You made all of this happen, in a matter of opinion.  Smile, take a breath, and consider that simple fact.  You made it. Now what? I have no idea.  I’m not you.  I will never share your unique perspective, nor will you ever fully share mine in this illusory third dimension. However, we find ourselves brought together by a simple statement. And that simple statement is…now you know. Now what?
If we look at our society, culture and planet we see a myriad of systems running together seemingly in the advancement of humanity. But, sadly it is for the benefit of those who created, programmed and implemented said systems. From a societal standpoint we have never really left the master and slave paradigm. We moved from tribal culture into civilization, and your position is dependent upon your outlook in this reality of your doing. That being said, you also have the possibility to sidestep the very master and slave paradigm. You have at your fingertips of your mind the ability to change every single part of your life, and finally sit in the Captain’s chair to write the log of your trail blazing journey.

The way I connect with belief has altered even the way I return back in time to explore how I got here. With the same belief, I look through the lens of Faith inside of the microscope I’m using to deconstruct and reconstruct this seven year journey you’re holding.  In this recovery of a time capsule, we will invariably morph like the flames dancing through the ancestral fire pit of time. Here, we are able to gain perspective within any moment as we are transformed by the very awareness from which we came.

So now what? Where do we go from here?

I have no idea why you chose to read this far. What part of your Best you are you keeping in reserve?

I only have the belief that together we can make this world a better place by coming to terms with the one problem that exists in this world. That problem is the illusion that you actually have a problem, and that’s not for me to say and maybe it’s not for you to say either. That being said it’s very nice to meet you.

What is your life?
What do you believe all this is?
What is the point of all of this?
Is a turnaround possible, or probable, or is this a head-long plunge into disaster?
Is this a tear down? A remodel? A reset?
A warzone?
Or a piece of art?

Everything is perfect and always has been is the truth version of oxygen. Let this become the foundation of trust. I haven’t always been where I am as I write this, even though ultimately I have been.  So come with me on this quest as we weave between realities, truths, and realizations. The abyss awaits.

If I had to break down what Punk really ingrained in me, when Dee Dee Ramone called out “1,2,3,4!” He wasn’t kidding. Be the power of the Words Awareness and endeavor to love the complete joy of opportunity in what the fearful hoist as “Problems”.

A list to End All Lists

There is one List and some say its already been written.

1. Believe
2. Breathe
3. Be
4. Dream
5. Give
6. Endeavor
7. Improve
8. Succeed
9. Get

Repeat. Everyone is here in some form of their will and I pray your extra personal Lists are not disordered in any fashion.

This is a time to get busy.

Find the joy your breath in the act of giving.

Attention, Mercy, Understanding, Wisdom, or the basics of Love in the Words we frame this dream in

Attention, Mercy, Understanding, Wisdom, or the basics of Love in the Words we frame this dream in.

There is an extremely Powerful word missing from this, so seek to remove it from your Life.

Headlining Comedy Works South June 27th!


Do you want the cure to ADHD, OCD, Panic Attacks and Boredom?

Of Course You do.

June 27th

Be the Tranquil Spirit raging in its eternal brilliance.

John Tole Live 6/12/18 Trump tells the Pancake War, “Beace Pitch”.

Denver Rules