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John Tole Live 6/12/18 Trump tells the Pancake War, “Beace Pitch”.

Denver Rules

Father’s Day Comedy Works South Promocode Wiffle or use PromoCODE summer at checkout for being an extra perceptive reader!

Calendar Updated

Tours! Vacations! Mysteries of The Rosary! Comedy Works June 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,17,27 John Crist, Mike Stanley, Heffernan and Lemme, Nate Bargatze, plus Headline Dates

Whatever It Is You Do All Day Drops Today MAY 4th! Also Available All my Comedy CDS Wanna Get some Pitboss 2000? PC DEATHSQUAD! Lockjaw .44   Through It All

Colonoscopy Breakdown John Tole Live May 3rd 2018

WOAH! This news story line is fascinating. Twists, turns, Guiliani from the 911 Top Rope with a leg drop to Finish and crank up the Celebration Anthem. Stormy bomb drops. Zero Kanye talk. Colonoscopy Prep Success. The Light of Truth … Continue reading

Kanye West and John Tole Live 5/2/18

  Colonoscopy Prep Day! But first lets breakdown Live TMZ, Kanye is on a Mission of Importance and actualization. Riveting TV. We discuss the word OUR. The Overview Effect. Exchanging Perspectives through active listening. Face to Face humanity. Trying a … Continue reading

Michelle Wolf and Pundit Comedy May 1st John Tole Live

Subscribe at Animal Style Parody Propaganda. Dragon Energy. Kanye vs The Crips. Michelle Wolf brings the Heat and defines funny. Idiots with opinions vs other idiots with different idiot opinions on idiots talking into mirrors. Vegas. The Nobel Prize. … Continue reading

John Tole’s America Live

Thursday’s Broadcast we talk about digital censorship and the fast coming of the end of our Safety Net of the First Amendment.

New Stand Up Video Up on Youtube!

One of my favorite Road Stories from the Good Ole Days! Details changed and names removed to save the innocent. Pre-Order “Whatever It Is You Do All Day” now on bandcamp