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First time Headlining Comedy Works Downtown! March 25th! Here is the ticket link use Promocode Metal at Checkout for all my friends and family discount. Lets fill this room with psychos and talk about space! Other dates coming up … Continue reading


Super stoked and excited to announce I will be at The LA Comedy Club at The Stratosphere Hotel. April 23-29th.   We are working on tour dates in and around that date in legal weed states to support the book … Continue reading

Patreon is up and running and Whiskey and The Surfer is Back!

After an arduous hiatus the algorithms and I have returned for more content content content MOTHERFN CONTENT! Join the Patreon 4 Levels Listen Free on iTunes $1 get 1 bonus episode a week $5 get all bonus content including Whiskey … Continue reading

Verified on Spotify!

Stoked to be able to announce all my stand up, hardcore and metal can be found for free on Spotify.

New Clips, On The Road in November!

Heading to NV, OR, ID, WA, OR on The I’m glad no one in LA thinks I’m talented tour as it continues through out the end of the year.    


I’m sure there was a way I could have done this on this computer that looked better but I totally forgot I own this website. womp mfn womp womp. Anyways new album 18 tracks 45 minutes despite iTunes calling it 44 … Continue reading

Pentacost of Living

I’ve got confession today so I’m jamming out to Fleetwood Mac and reveling in the passing of yesterday. I smell like sunscreen, my fourth Keurig sits in my gut like an upper cut in a Bus Fight Video. I am … Continue reading

DIGITAL CANNIBALS AI Driven Online Persona Post 1 in the New Willennium. Whiskey and The Surfer show up with Technical Difficulties and smile and dial their way through the new CA Law to Centralize Truth per The Government … Continue reading

IN THE ARMS OF THE ALGORITHMS Nancy Pelosi has a frown off to win her next job as The Trump Train continues to roll inside of the Digital Simulation. Whiskey and The Surfer, fresh off of Ash Wednesday, they wonder if the Adam’s … Continue reading


  BROH we are hopped on Kerova Edibles, generic day and ny’re-do-quil as we run a digital stake out on some Warlocks and Witches preparing for the coming war between Luby’s and Furr’s. The world fistfights around the dinner table … Continue reading