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  Shows Added including Denver Improv 7/27-29 Hyena’s Fort Worth August 17-18 Nissi’s in Longmont Sept 7 Honeymoon Halloween September Trip to Orlando! Hatebreed and Gwar on Oct 10! A ton of blogs have been added see below or find … Continue reading

Timing is Everything

I wrote this not in the same stream so reading it in pieces or in other orders. I decided the editing is best left to my trusted readers who follow the breath as enthusiasm itself. Christ Has Risen! The 5:40 … Continue reading

Prophecy through Faith

I have this timeline in my head enough. It seems to make sense based on the pitch of the Resistance. It also is just a creative possibility but based on what we need here to pull off the strengthening of … Continue reading

Keep Throwing!

Are we at War?

Are we in a war? One side says we are under attack. In the same breath untrusting of their leader of the “war”, “battle” “skirmish” “tussle” “fuss” “fight” and variations of leader, the lead, leaded, unleaded, liters, trust, faith, everything … Continue reading

The Power of 1 Through 4

“!” – Dee Dee Ramone Well, well, well, here we are again so let’s cut the S!.  The truth is that your life is the only DIY project there is. It’s you. It’s the 100% perfect sphere of your soul … Continue reading

A list to End All Lists

There is one List and some say its already been written. 1. Believe 2. Breathe 3. Be 4. Dream 5. Give 6. Endeavor 7. Improve 8. Succeed 9. Get Repeat. Everyone is here in some form of their will and … Continue reading

Headlining Comedy Works South June 27th!

Do you want the cure to ADHD, OCD, Panic Attacks and Boredom? Of Course You do. June 27th Be the Tranquil Spirit raging in its eternal brilliance.

John Tole Live 6/12/18 Trump tells the Pancake War, “Beace Pitch”.

Denver Rules