Timing is Everything

I wrote this not in the same stream so reading it in pieces or in other orders. I decided the editing is best left to my trusted readers who follow the breath as enthusiasm itself.

Christ Has Risen!

The 5:40 Club.

I’m interested in the phenomenon of considering yourself at War while demanding truth and transparancy from Warriors in the fight where deception is only a frame of mind.

You can have Peace and Truth or War and Lies. Do you want to win? Save your life? Save the Day? Create Peace? Eternal revenge? Enough band names. Life and Death, would you decieve to survive?

Ok no more band names.

Nobody cares what Switzerland or the future Switzerland known as Unified Korea has to say.

Tactics have to be constructed with growth in mind. To have any structure of scarcity or Fear’s shoddy handiwork and then from there, what? Attack? Defend?

Are you really in a war?

Who’s War? Who’s rules?

There is a stream of opportunity available to live and view this Country as the backdrop for Battleship Troopers level storytelling.

I can’t be the only one seeing this right?

Is your day incongruent to the Birds going about their day?

Is more singing the answer?

Where do you find joy in the illusion of War?

Imagine a timeline of creatives seemingly living in an online horror movie. By choice?

You can watch it after you sit through the inflight safety video.

Why are we able to fly commercially or own phones and computers if we are under an unrelenting diabolical world ending attack?


Universal Halloween Horror Nights Orlando this Year!

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