Prophecy through Faith

I have this timeline in my head enough. It seems to make sense based on the pitch of the Resistance. It also is just a creative possibility but based on what we need here to pull off the strengthening of our Country’s collective heart , this is all about the Family. We need Leaders at every focus of opportunity who can elevate and teach people to really dream beyond their ability to know God’s ability to dream until they are so awashed in astonishment they sit in thanks and bring up food for the World.

God Bless

This is what I am continually seeing in the near and long term.

Huge silent red wave of alpha youth. Sweep Mids, Expand SCOTUS, Legalize weed.

Flip privatized facilities  from drugs to crimes against the state and Corporate Rights Fraud.

Centralized money, healthcare, AI run Leadership.

Compassionate framework and the legal muscle to usher in the Limitless VR Economies in trade for UBI and saving the Planet through physically limited resource use.

There will legal battles over the Corporate and Human status of clones and various automatons.

What will constitute being granted the rights of humanhood?

There will come a time when human carbon will be taxed and factored into your purchasing of AI realities and conciousness expansion packs to operate 2 people and infinitely beyond. Some restrictions apply.

This is moving faster than most can comprehend. Its time to add on Human Utility to preserve longevity. We will live to see a world where central control will know the cost of maintaining the status of your end date and offering you more resources in trade for less time.

Will you click yes?

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