Are we at War?

Are we in a war?

One side says we are under attack. In the same breath untrusting of their leader of the “war”, “battle” “skirmish” “tussle” “fuss” “fight” and variations of leader, the lead, leaded, unleaded, liters, trust, faith, everything and nothing. Not even a general concesus of language is possible. We believe most have equal capabilities in thought or language. Patently as false.

This same side from this standpoint have not collectively grasped the concept that in a Post Truth World, driven by the winds of opinion whether truth is a sphere or being cast as a 2d image with 4 sides, a 4D Reality or cast as a six sided cube. Imagine the amount and complexity and patience to come to this point where you are hoping I make a joke.

Knock Knock
What’s There?
You’re supposed to say who?
Says who?

New paradigm
Knock Knock
What’s there?
Everything you hate
Whats everything I see as Hate.
Knock Knock
What’s there?
Opportunity what?
Opportunity who You Nerd
Open the Door.

This is possibly our First Post Truth World War, I’m sure the writer’s of the Victor’s History will hand down a Treatise on why this is the last one like they did every other time.

Anyways, this new same side of the divided demand to be given the truth so they can demand their defense or offense in this war fought by Warriors to which they are not. They demans their offense and defense be completely transparent which gives their enemies and allies a real time look into strategy.

If you believe we are in a war then you must know that deception both known and unknown is always a part of the path to victory. Especially with all data collection known and unknown, public and private.


You’re not in a war and everything is now needing to be reframed in the movie of your most Prayerful and Fearful Opinions of this reality. A reality maybe that you don’t have the intellectual, physical or spiritual capability to grasp the concept of nothing. How can you while you choose to be bombarded by choice.

An empty space as nothing contains as much information as everything in a mathmatical sense.

We trust in math until we don’t but that doesn’t seem to make sense because the next maths and all their answers at a such a deep point in the Lake we may not have enough of a lifespan to fish those depths.

War or Not.

We have AI that are doing it both public and private running 24/7 and using the results to create and advance economically stable and unstable agendas based on the bias of their coders.

In as much as the population can remain unfocused, their collective removal of singular focus on Fear and all its surface trappings.

Now trapped in self created surface fear, fighting for calm water to tread in .

Hard to stand under trust when you’re fighting for air so why not work on it now with Maximum Focus?

Currently worldwide poor folks churning and treading opinion upon opinion. Starving. No answers to the treading problem. Just arguing water temperature and who sees cooler shit in the clouds and fighting the waves as well as the wind. Fighting for piece.


Plum the depths of your connection to creativity itself and bring something back. An idea, plan that actually brings everyone out of poverty and a fear driven scarce war subconcious bias that keeps us dreaming of Likes.

But maybe the glasses you were handed out only see destruction in a golden age of construction.

Who gave you these glasses? Did you make them or join them? Who chose the tint? It is dark, and mysterious at the depths and Wonder awaits you.

What are you building today?

Why aren’t you building today?

Building up your Heart and Gut to discern the Holy Spirit as you are guided on the way?

Give your ears 3 days off and put your Heart into every voice and Give.



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