Michelle Wolf and Pundit Comedy May 1st John Tole Live

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Animal Style Parody Propaganda. Dragon Energy. Kanye vs The Crips. Michelle Wolf brings the Heat and defines funny. Idiots with opinions vs other idiots with different idiot opinions on idiots talking into mirrors. Vegas. The Nobel Prize. No one has the answer, better learn to Surf or Scuba this wave is getting Choppy. Everyday your enemy gains because you spent your day watching the enemy. Art Forgeries and artificially retiring to infinitely tour a Digital Gallery full of recreations because you could no longer afford to live organically in what is perceived as this Nation’s 4D Chess Board. What is Q? Who is Q? Where is Q? Is your tin foil adjustable? Vegas was awesome, can’t wait to go back! Snipes or Snopes and Red Sox baseball was not mentioned despite their Beast Mode. Comedy Works TONIGHT! No eggheads or Nerds were harmed in the digital recreation of this over production. CCHC Weed Sponsored Squinting and making shit up brought to you by Why the Fuck Not?

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