Kanye West and John Tole Live 5/2/18


Colonoscopy Prep Day! But first lets breakdown Live TMZ, Kanye is on a Mission of Importance and actualization. Riveting TV. We discuss the word OUR. The Overview Effect. Exchanging Perspectives through active listening. Face to Face humanity. Trying a new version of the Oldest Way. Hungarian Death Traps is a great band name. We breakdown Max Kolbe, Janos Brenner, AI Diagnosis and the Government’s who own those diagnosis’. Opiates and the power of language. The present moment is metal as F if you set your filters right. Bob Hope Doc discussion and why should the mob be able to determine organization of freedom? This Pro Human Pro Love Movement is going to be amazing for music, literature and culture. Think of the infinite variety of stations you will get to be entertained by while you work a virtually simulated government job from your Leased Safety Pod. Too Soon?

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