We’ve got the DT’s

Ritualistic Witchcraft to find a cell phone and a historic Presidency all matter to those at the center of the storm of illusion. TODAY, The Sun came up as Barak promised and we say a fitting goodbye to the Hilldog as she bowed out gracefully before being allowed to teleport to her future Astral Plane of awareness. Wikileaks is still be monitored and the 1st Amendment is still under attack, infowars has children on the air and we might have made some of this up. RATT, MOD, CARNIVORE, DLR, it must just like living in paradise. Where will the new light shine into the tinfoil of our lives as this thrilling turn sends us headlong into the biggest Holiday Season with the most digital money spent and stolen on one day and then we’ll see who has a stomach for leadership, sacrifice and revenge.

Listen to “We’ve got the DT’s” on Spreaker.

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