The Wedding Prisoner

The only thing I’ve raged to today was Biohazard.

It’s the State of the World Address…

I just got back to Austin after 19 hours in the car listening to Alice Cooper do overnights and Coast to Coast was all Sasquatches and the proof only the guest could see like a hidden boat in a mall kiosk. (Read that again as Dennis Miller if it doesn’t hit the first time.)

One of these overnight radio dudes was a hyper religious dude out of Dallas who told a story about a guy who cut out his mother’s heart and while running to present the fresh heart as a sacrifice, tripped and fell and when the heart hit the ground it said, “Son, Are you Hurt?” Pretty simple look into what family and sacrifice are all about.  And not the Sacrifice from Canada, that’s just an inside joke for the members of PB2k.

I was up in Ohio officiating the Danny XLAX Zink wedding where by the powers vested to me by God, The State of Ohio, Thrash and the holographic simulation I now pronounced them officially as Mr and Mrs The Drums That Make Em Shit.


Pretty surreal moment considering we didn’t officially meet til ’97 but in ’94 I apparently heckled Cynic which he loved/loves and he was there, anyways, who cares, they’re terrible.

Metal Mike was the best man and did an excellent job and warmed up the crowd for the Maid of Honor who crushed w a Uke jam and a dope song.  Since, I wasn’t able to make a toast plus I bombed at my brother’s wedding, crushed the rehearsal dinner tho…

I remember jamming with Danny at Suffer System Practice at Atomic Vision above the Newport and during a break Fred Durst walked in, introduced himself to everyone, was cool as shit and asked to use their autoclave. He offered us tickets and laminates, they were about six months from exploding, we finished practice probably learning the intro to Punishment and then went and ate because Limp Bizkit is terrible. Good dudes though.

Funny, now, I’d kill to know what the 20 stories would’ve been if we would’ve went. I say yes to pretty much everything nowadays, it lands me in weird cars, schemes, studios and make shift altars but worth it.

Couple weeks back, Matty from Destroy Clevo hit me up to sit in when he interviewed Reigning Inspire Pro Wrestling Champ Keith Lee on the Rust Belt Hammer pod. He was like we should go watch, I was like, is there a list?

I was like maybe we’ll go, I’m the same person who turned down Sabbath tickets because parking wasn’t included

Anyways, we went. It was super fun, we ate mushrooms, bought tickets and Inspire Pro is killer, tons of laughs and I’m bummed I’m missing the 9/25 date here in Austin (ill be at Lannies Clocktower in Denver, sleep plug BROH.

After the Main Event we met Matt Cross, a Cleveland Hardcore kid/adult, still edge, Professional Wrestler and solid human being. The next day after that, we are on mic telling two sides of the bloody Earth Crisis at Peabody’s Show story because things like this happen more often than not when you challenge reality.


God Bless


By the way, if you want to hear my maniac Podcast, its below.

Whiskey and The Surfer is an FM Parody of a Religious Metal Show based on Simulation Theory.


Episode 140 The Wedding Prisoner Lives here

Whiskey and The Surfer are back after a 20 hour road trip to celebrate the official Pitboss 2000 Danny and Sarah Zink wedding. We talk about bombing at a wedding, trying to follow a hot chick with a Ukelele (no idea how that’s spelled). DJ Phantom gets that time of the month prissiness with some passive aggressive Cars Action but first starts off the show with Kreator, Exodus, Forbidden, Cro-Mags, a very special welcome to Venom. We close on Maiden and Judas Priest after we downvote the end of the show. There is no only now, do tomorrows work today. What else is there? Seriously, and enjoy all of this. War is coming to the home front. Start working out like you’re going to need it. Other than that, we celebrate being single, talk about marriage, love, healing on the Sabbath and UT beats the golden domers in Double OT. Mushroom talk, Indie Wrestling and a new blog at both and

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